Firstbuild’s Icebox challenge

I recently submitted an entry to Firstbuild’s Icebox challenge. Here’s a quick rehash of my entry:

I think everyone has thought about this… Wouldn’t it be cool to see what’s in your fridge while you’re out shopping? This is exactly that, a camera in your fridge that’s connected to the cloud.

The device consist of an Intel Edison mini-breakout, a USB camera, and a light sensor. I used a battery so it could be moved around easier during development, but there’s no reason why it can’t be connected to a more permanent power source. The idea is basically this, everytime someone opens the fridge the light sensor will be tripped and a photo is taken. The photo is then transmitted to the cloud (I’m using google cloud drive for this right now). And when you’re out shopping all you needed to do is open up a browser to your peek-a-fridge :)

The Edison board (or base station) is placed outside the fridge. It could either be attached to the side or top of the fridge depending on the type of your icebox. It runs a wire to the camera which sits inside the fridge at a place of your choosing. Ideally, this wire will be flat so to minimize the gap it creates when the door closes.

The client side software running in the Edison board is nodejs. It continuously polls the light sensor and determines if the there’s an event. In the next revision, I’ll make this interrupt driven so it should be more efficient. When light is detected, it will trigger the camera to start taking pictures. The Edison image is compiled with OpenCV library so we can actually do some image processing as well to see if there’s any change between the current and last picture. But currently, it will just send the image to my google cloud server that’s also running nodejs. IMG_20141123_135050








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